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Nowadays, life itself seems to be rather hard to live since there are few to have a positive vision of it, but rather a lot to say there’s nothing good in having such an attitude. ‘Like someone in love’ is one of the greatest yet horrible stories about a young Japanese woman who manages to finance her studies doing the oldest job on Earth – prostitution.

The creators of the movie The Help focus on promoting the black experience. The action of the movie The Help is set in Mississippi, in the 1960’s and focuses on the lives of a young white woman, or Skeeter and the relationship she develops with two black women who worked in the house of her family, Aibileen and her best friend, Minny.

Nowadays, finding a movie that’s worth watching seems like a risky business. How many of you have experienced those situations in which you had to look into more than five different films to decide upon one? Now you don’t have why to do that, since we got the answer beforehand – ‘Side effects’ is exactly what you need.

Through the movie Silver Linings Playbook, we learn that life does not always go as planned, sometimes it might just turn out even better than planned, but you do have to overcome a lot of obstacles and remain positive. As the main character states, you need “to look for the silver linings”.

Nowadays, finding a movie that is worth seeing seems like a risky business. Still, there are some that can really make your night a lot more enjoyable and pleasant, yet feeling like a productive one. ‘Argo’ is one choice all of us should make from once in a while, since it rise a lot of questions.

Nowadays, finding a great movie that is worth watching is a risky business. Since there are so many you can choose from, it makes the choice rather difficult than pleasant. Still, ‘Warm bodies’ is one great zombie movie that will leave you breathless in just a matter of seconds. Stick with us if you want to know more!

“A Good Day to Die Hard”, the last movie from the “Die Hard” series tries to match up the expectations raised by the first movies, but falls short due to weak screenplay and plot, which give the viewers the impression they have seen this movie before, albeit with different characters and cast.

Fans of the Twilight saga will have their need for the supernatural and magical met by a new saga in the making, which this time focuses on witches and warlords and which in the first movie, ”Beautiful Creatures”, follows the adventures of young teenager Lena who is sought after by good and evil witches

Fans of the “Scary Movie” franchise are surely waiting with impatience for the new “Scary Movie 5”, even though critics were quick to point out its flaws and weak points; on the other hand, other releases from the series never received much critical acclaim either, but instead managed to secure themselves cult status and numerous followers.

Although not being released yet, the Enders Game movie foreshows a combination between the novel of the same name, and the Enders Shadow. As in any other science fiction creation, the graphic is said to be amazing and yet easy to cope with. If you are wondering when it will be released, let us tell you that your next 1st of November is planned!

Nowadays, it seems to be really hard to find a movie that can be both appealing and deep. For how long do you need to search beforehand to get one worth seeing? Still, for tonight you will not have what to worry anyone! Safe Haven is one fabulous and intriguing movie a Friday night should come with!

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes up in the body of an unknown on a train to Chicago, without knowing who he is, how he got there or why. Thus, discovers that is part of a special operation in order to stop a terrorist attack that resulted in a train   Read More ...

With the launch of the long-awaited movie of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the most successful series of all time comes to an end. In this last chapter, the tension rises to unexpected rate, culminating in the epic battle between Harry Potter and the greatest enemy,   Read More ...

If you have not had any problems with some crazy boss, you’re a lucky man. If you had a visit to the cinema to see Horrible Bosses would be a good idea: the comedy shows you that it can be worse. Horrible Bosses no slops in terms of originality, but   Read More ...

Meet the nice unemployed Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera). Bassist in the band Sex Bob-bomb, the 22 years young man has just met the girl of his dreams … What Scott Pilgrim will do to win the heart of Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? The director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun   Read More ...

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