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If you are a fan of the Die Hard franchise then you should know that “A Good Day to Die Hard” is available on DVD and hit theaters at the beginning of February 2013. If you missed the arrogant yet likeable detective John McClane interpreted by Bruce Willis now you have the chance to see him back in action. A lot has happened with this character since we last saw him and not in a good way. At first sight it looks like the producer tried to ruin his character, so much that we ended up feeling sorry for the guy. Critics have written more negative reviews than positive and the main reason is because the story has been continued for far too long.

The action in “A Good Day to Die Hard” takes place in Moscow, Russia where Viktor Chagarin, a corrupt Russian official, wants to send Yuri Komarov to prison without a fair trial because he does not want to give him a secret file containing evidence which incriminates him. In another part of the world John McClane is being arrested because he is a suspect in an assassination case. To get a shorter sentence he agrees to testify against Komarov. During this period Bruce Willis tries to get in touch with his son who he has not seen for years. When he reunites with his long lost son he finds out what really happened between Viktor Chagarin and Yuri Komarov and decides go to Russia. When McClane reaches the courthouse in Moscow where Jack ( McClane’s son) and Kamarov are on trial an explosion takes place. The incident is orchestrated by Chagarin who wants to set the convicts free so that he can put his hands on the file. The story follows this old detective on his journey to set the record straight.

According to critics “A Good Day to Die Hard” is the weakest movie of the entire franchise because as the out it Bruce Willis is ‘getting old’ and ‘he is out of good jokes’. The entire plot of the movie does not seem original; it gives you the impression that you have seen the movie before but with another cast.

If you had not seen “A Good Day to Die Hard” yet we hope that you will get the chance see it. You will notice that this movie is weaker that the others but the good side is that you will be looking at Bruce Willis fighting bad guys once more. If you hurry you can still find the movie in theaters. We think that Bruce Willis should stick to comedies and leave the whole blowing up cars and killing bad guys to the younger generation because, let’s face it, he is starting to look like an old man who simply does not want to retire.

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