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For years now, finding a great movie has turned into a tough procedure. All of us are looking to get the best for our night off, and an overrated one is ought to be cut off from our list. In this case, what would you say about seven nominalizations the 85th Academy Award, five ones at Golden Globes and many more? If you are looking forward to finding more about who is there to congratulate, we got one word answer for you – ‘Argo’. Make sure to stick with us and keep reading the following lines to understand why is it a must see!

Based or not on reality, ‘Argo’ comes with breathtaking scenes ought to be unforgotten. Like any other thriller plots, this one goes with the same amount of suspense that makes the viewer being in the flash of the main character. Here though, you will have to deal with six of them, who are actually the ones who managed to escape from the militants’ storm of the US Embassy in Tehran. Even though having escaped, the higher ones decide to get them back to Iran where to supervise the events that are likely to happen. Still, they realize there are some things to deal with in order to make that happen, so there’s no wonder why things are getting complicated in a matter of seconds.

One advantage for the team ported to Iran consists of meeting John Chambers, another character that helps them disguise, since he was previously known as one of the greatest make-up artists. Using his contacts, the former crafted disguised agent for the CIA manages to put them in touch with anyone that can help them get the outcome expected from this delicate mission they are struggling with. The lucky one they get in touch with is Lester Siegel, a film producer who helps them cover all the details for a studio in which they were meant to set up a science fiction movie, on its name ‘Argo’. By this way, they were likely to have a great credibility when going to Iran and shoot some scenes, so nobody would raise any questions when seeing them going from one place to another.

After receiving fake IDs and passports, the 6 team members are ready to go with Mendez on the board. Still, they are struggling at the airport when they get a little bit nervous, and when the departure was meant to be at some seconds away, they receive a call telling them there’s no need to leave anymore. Whether you are the kind of viewer who loves thriller movies as much as anyone else would or not, there is no need to worry when talking about ‘Argo’ – with such an impressive record, you will definitely enter the character’s life and slowly understand the insights we are dealing with every day.

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