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For those who were fans of Twilight Saga, ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is like a breath of fresh air. This movie was made for teenagers, but adults can enjoy it too. It was produced around the same elements as ‘Twilight’ was: witches, teenage love story and monsters. Movie critics say that ‘Beautiful Creatures’ looks like a reflection of the previous franchise; the only difference is that vampires have been replaced by witches and the werewolves have been replaced with warlocks. The story was inspired from a book called Caster Chronicles series, written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Director Richard LaGravenese, who is also known for producing the movie ‘PS: I Love You’, did everything that stood in his power to create a successful series: he build a professional cast and he used the best visual effects.

One of the leading actors in ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is Alice Englert who plays Lena, a young witch also known as Caster, who moves to a small town called Gatlin just before she turns sixteen. Here she lives in the house of uncle Macon Ravenwood who is suspected of being a worshiper of the devil by the entire town. Because of this Lena is bullied by everyone at school except for a boy called Ethan. The boy does not believe the rumors that have been going around about her uncle and soon they become friends. After a while they realize that they like each other and they start dating. But all that ends when Lena finds out that at the age of 16 she will have to decide is she wants to be claimed by a good witch or by a bad witch. Of course, there is a bad witch who wants to transform Caster into a bad witch called Sarafine but the story is long and quite difficult to explain.

All in all ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is interesting enough to make you wonder what the next movie will reveal about the town and its people. All that magic and romance will make teenagers fall in love with the characters just like they did in Twilight. We can surely say that this series is going to have a lot of success among young people.

The movie ‘Beautiful Creatures‘ was released on Valentine’s Day 2013 and it has a wonderful cast: Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert. So, if you want to see it you can still watch it at the movie theater. Some critics have called the series ‘Twilight with witches’ but we do not think it is quite the same. It would not be fair to all the teenagers out there who have fallen in love with the movie to tell them that “Beautiful Creatures” is a perfect copy of “Twilight” because it is not true.

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