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With the musical Burlesque, an electrifying film, during which you cannot control your feet not to beat the tact and not smile with delight to the eyes, writer and director Steven Antin gives us a timeless story about the aspirations fulfilled in the showbiz world. It is a milestone for live entertainment, a film that gives a bright new color and a new image film entertainment.

Ali (Christina Aguilera), a girl with a sensational voice, from a small provincial town, wished fervently that her ideals to be fulfilled and could not conceive that they would remain only some dreams.
You are invited to the world of cabaret.

Leaving behind the difficulties of the past and worries about the future, Ali goes to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital, which hits to Burlesque Lounge, a local majestic but neglected, which hosts a successful magazine show. She manages to engage as a waitress, convincing with sweet talk on Tess (Cher), the club patron, a woman from a piece of creative stars, a star herself. Seeing the variety performances each night, Ali becomes a sponge drink of look and learns by heart all the numbers from Burlesque. Dirty costumes and bold choreography spell on young innocent.

Ali firmly believes that she is made for the cabaret scene, so she swears that one day will go up on stage and sing.

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