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Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) was a typical American high school student to a time when he decided to become A-typical.

What should do an ordinary girl, when her best friend, Rhiannon (ALY Michalka), which is extremely curious, want to know all the news and details about the weekend spent Olive, and she would have nothing to tell because everything was boring and would not have anything to boast? Could Olive, who is currently an anonymous and mediocre to say a little white lie, to bring instead the coveted magic of any teenager: popularity?

Some news but cannot remain secret, especially if Marianne (Amanda Bynes), a “radio-ditch” of the High School Ojai, eavesdrops on what Olive says. Soon, rumors exaggerated the promiscuity of Olive spread throughout the school.

Within minutes, students threw on Twitter and Facebook to comment on so-called Olive’s indiscretions. Even though it is not the publicity she would want Olive decided not to deny the rumors. Even embrace them, starting to play the role she has assumed, by adopting a sexy look and an offensive attitude. After all, she knows that’s not the truth, and her parents (Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson) that do not judge her, trust her. So it appeared that would not harm someone, is not it?

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