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Nowadays, finding a movie that is really worth seeing seems to be a risky business to most of us. There’s no wonder why, since a science fiction one is hard to please the majority of taste. Still, there is said to be one that will leave any viewer breathless, making him keep the eye on the action and not leave it all alone. So, in case you are looking forward to knowing more about the Enders Game and the reasons for which you are ought to be keen on its development. The 1st of November is near, so you’d better start doing that!

The story line of the Enders Game starts with a girl who is said to have been born with a special gift, for her to save our world. She is now sent to space where she is taught everything she needs about the preparation made by an advanced military school, in order to know how to defeat an alien invasion. Meanwhile, the elite starts recruiting more and more gifted children, such as a shy but a brilliant strategic guy who manages to make the team bonder than before. One important aspect for which the Enders Game will surely be a great movie concerns the film budget, which is of about $110 million – in comparison with any other Hollywood movies, such a lucrative sum is meant to help the audience love the characters more and more and so the outcome will surely be the one expected.

Also, when thinking about the advantages the Enders Game will come with, it is utterly important not to forget about one of them – the language will be English, making the period of you watching it a lot easier and pleasant to get you in the business of the movie. On the other hand, the distribution company (also known as Lionsgate) is a worldwide renowned one. With such a great success before even being distributed, Enders Game movie will undoubtedly keep your Friday night rushing through your veins as the movie ends.

These being said, if you are looking forward to seeing the Enders Game movie but can not wait until the beginning of November, make sure to get the book as soon as possible. The novel is an exceptional one, and the selling number speaks for itself. By this way, you will get to meet the story beforehand and also to make a comparison between the greatest of the movie and the novel success. So, have you already decided where will you be going at the first of November? We surely know where we will be, looking forward to meeting you at the release of one of the 2013 greatest movies ever made!

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