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Hanna is a teenage girl coached by his father, a former CIA officer, to become a real killing machine. Raised in the wilds of Finland, Hanna does not have a clue concerning a girl of 14 years, but is good at handling the knife, explosives had any lethal tools. Sent by his father on a mission, she crosses over Europe to achieve the target, facing a crowd of assassins sent after her by a ruthless secret agent (Cate Blanchett). A revelation from the past will make the young Hanna to question her whole existence.

What is striking is that Hanna production is an action film with an aesthetic and dramaturgical structure of tales taken from the screening fairytales. Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) is an isolated world Rapunzel, not in a tower, but the Finnish wilderness, not the one who says she is her mother, but Erik (Eric Bana), who says he is her father.

Beyond that, it is interesting the message of the film. In a way we could call without prospects, Joe Wright the director of the movie shows a woman’s transformation into an object. Hanna is not a young 16 years old girl, is a killing machine, a lethal weapon.

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