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Have you ever wondered if there are any people that really fight for their dreams? Well, let us give you the answer – of course they are. Even though it is just a movie, which does not come with extremely credibility, the drama entitled ‘Like someone in love’ will surely show you the contrary – there are hundreds of people out there that know how important is to fulfill your dreams. If you are looking forward to discovering more about the magnificent movie who managed to compete for Palme d’Or in 2012, make sure to keep with us and keep reading – it is all worth it!

Needless to say, the drama ‘Like someone in love’ is surely one worth seeing. As mentioned above, competing at Cannes Film Festival speaks for itself, since it has to be really good to have such a privilege. On the other hand, the plot is a sad one that makes you see the life with other eyes, and shows you the things that should receive your attention, such as the little beautiful things life comes with. Still, there is only one disadvantage you are likely to face – the language. Most natives Americans and Europeans are mostly keen on their mother tongues, as well as on those who are more likely to be used in such areas – instead of Japanese language. Either way, once you enter the plot there’s no chance to miss any of the parts. English subtitles can be found everywhere, so only if you are really picky or keen on your mother tongue you will find that a problem.

Shot in October 2011, the drama ‘Like someone in love’ talks about the story of a young Japanese lady that struggles with a tough life. Since she looks forward to continuing her studies which are ought to be paid but for her, not any other method seems in handy, she needs to prostitute herself in order to keep studying. At first sight, the character is easy to be judged and condemned, but as the story goes on you slowly start to understand that’s the way she needs to live her life. The title speaks for itself as well, giving you more than the clues you may look for to see whether or not this movie is worth seeing – we tell you, it does!

So, if you are dealing with a difficult time in your life and are looking forward to having a better mood, make sure you add ‘Like someone in love’ drama on the list of movies you are likely to see in the next period – by this way, you will slowly notice there are people who are struggling with harder moments, and yet they are the ones who win.

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