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Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) is a failed writer, used every day to contemplate failure. From the day that his girlfriend brakes up with him, the fact that he has no future is certain. But things take an unexpected turn when an old friend offers him a synthetic drug -NZT.

Any normal person uses only 20% of their brain capacity, but experimental substance allows Eddie to use 100%. Suddenly it opens the appetite for culture, manages to write the book in just four days and mathematics becomes a useful hobby. All the things he heard or he read, information that had accumulated while shape and instantly begin to organize in his mind.

With a new perspective on life and extraordinary abilities, Eddie quickly gets to become an expert financial speculation and thus attracts the attention of Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro), one of the most powerful businessmen. But to his misfortune, the mogul sees not only as an easy way to make billions of dollars effortlessly. Soon, Eddie’s brilliant success turns into a struggle for survival, metamorphosis secret comes out to the surface and assassins after his footsteps are not the only threat.

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