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When teenager Emma Kurtzman was 14 and refused the advances of Adam Franklin in the camp from Weehawken, none of them had no idea what the adult sexual life means. Some years later, Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) know too well what it is, when the roads meet them again as it had happened several times before, and wake up in bed having sex. Sex really nice!

And because Emma declared herself “allergic to love affairs,” and Adam watch something like that, especially because of his father, former television star (Kevin Kline) who is combined with the latest ex-girlfriend to the two decide to prevent the emotional complications of a relationship of love could bring, and have just a friendship, with something extra …

Meetings without pretensions, sex without responsibility. No promises, no lies, without jealousy, without sweet gests in public without breakfast together without “I miss you”, no nick names for private parts, in short … “No obligation”.

What begins as an ideal solution for the physical needs becomes a little different when Adam starts to give rein to feelings in bed (and closet at the hospital, and the backseat of the car, in fact, wherever there is little place State horizontal). Finally, both find themselves struggling to handle the links that have confounded all trying to avoid. So come to put the essential question: two friends can have sex without leaving love to imply each other?

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