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Did you recently watched ‘The Notebook’ movie by Nicholas Sparks and found it extremely touchy and worth seeing? Well, you are not the only one! There’s no wonder why it has received so many prizes and is worldwide renowned, but fortunately it is not the only one. The second beautiful story Nicholas Sparks comes with in his forthcoming novel managed to be put into a great film that will leave you breathless! Safe Heaven, totally contradicting the plot of the whole story, at first sight, will make you see and understand the priorities of life as they should be. Make sure to stick with us and keep reading to discover together the insights of a movie that is ought to send to you the love feeling, since it has been released on the beautiful Valentine’s Day this year!

The introduction starts just like in any other romance movie, with a woman and a man, both of them in extremely separate places with different yet quite alike lives. One of the main characters, Eric Tierney on her name manages to leave her alcoholic husband and moves out in Southport, North Carolina where she gets the identity of Katie Feldman. From now on, this will be her name and no one will get to know the real she until the end of the movie. On the other hand, the second main character, on his name Alex Wheatley falls in love with her and so a love story being. At first, the main character in Safe Haven, Katie, has to deal with the two children her new lover has, a beautiful girl and a nosy boy who thought she will be their mother’s replacement, but fortunately he manages to accept her as the woman his father loves.

Among the plot, their love comes with both good and bad moments that make them stronger and put their love to the test. Even if the whole story seems to be totally wrapped from a perfect book where love wins, there’s no person not to identify with at least one sequence – it is normal and natural, completely expected since we are humans and we own feelings.

Moving on with the plot, since their love began with the false identity of Katie, it is ought to end or at least to be put to a test – it was a matter of seconds. So, when his real husband, Kevin, wakes up from the alcoholic trance he put himself in, forgers a report sustaining that his wife is a wanted murderer. From this on, Safe Haven continues with the love between Katie and Alex which is put at risk, since Kevin has his mind made up to look for her and end her as soon as possible. Fortunately though, their love wins and they manage to live happily ever after.

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