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For years now, finding a great movie for a Friday night has managed to put some of us patience on the test. There’s no wonder why, since after getting a night off you find out that the movie you picked is not the one you expected to be. Still, there’s not a reason why you should think about it on the forthcoming Friday night! We got one of the best psychological films to discuss, so make sure to stick with us and keep reading!

The worldwide renowned 2013 movie ‘Side effects’ comes with an intriguing aspect of life, since two of the main characters are a couple. The man, on his name, Martin, just had been released from prison after being convicted for insider trading, for 4 years. On the other side of the problem, his wife, Emily passes through difficult moments in her life, since at first she almost kills herself in a suicide attempt while driving her car. Shortly after this action, Jonathan Banks turns into her psychiatrist and decides to let her go home only if she accepts to have some other medical meetings while being home. Unfortunately though, his fears come alive and Emily goes on a second suicide attempt that convinces Jonathan to prescribe her Ablixa, a drug that initially was not what he wants to put her on.

As any other psychological thriller, ‘Side effects’ has to deal with Ablixa, the drug prescribed by Jonathan to Emily that is actually at test in at this moment. In short, Emily is a ‘guinea pig’ that reveals to the doctors that Ablixa comes with major advantages, such as keeping her on the right side, but a bigger disadvantage, which concerns Emily’s sleepwalking episodes. In one of them, she manages to wake up and unexpectedly stabs her husband, Martin until he dies. From this moment on, everything changes, since Emily goes on a trial where Jonathan fights for her. Eventually, she is not declared guilty, only mentally disordered and has to stay in a hospital, but Jonathan’s publicity goes bad.

On the second part of the movie, Jonathan starts to wonder how came that so many things have managed to happen so fast. He retook Emily’s case and starts to think that she, with Victoria (her first psychiatrist) managed to play with him and finally, get him a bad image. Unexpectedly, Jonathan gave to Emily some pills that were meant to reveal the whole truth, and so he found out what he thought would be real. On the other side, Victoria started the rumor of him having an affair, one situation that ends Jonathan’s marriage. Still, in the end, the one that smiles is Jonathan, and neither Emily nor Victoria.

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