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Silver Linings Playbook is a movie released in 2012, directed by David O. Russell, which presents the not so easy to manage and complicated life of a high school teacher, Pat Solitano, played by Bradley Cooper.

Through the movie Silver Linings Playbook, we learn that life does not always go as planned, sometimes it might just turn out even better than planned, but you do have to overcome a lot of obstacles and remain positive. As the main character states, you need “to look for the silver linings”. They are certainly there; you just need to unveil them, by doing the right things for you and others.

Silver Linings Playbook presents Pat Solitano, who is released after spending 8 months institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital in Philadelphia. He has to live with his father, played by Robert DeNiro and mother, played by Jacki Weaver. He is all optimistic about winning back his wife, Nikki, whose boyfriend he hit and thus ended up in the psychiatric hospital; moreover, his wife also requested a restraint order against him. The reason Nikki left was because Pat has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which made him a very difficult person to be with. He tries his best to live a normal and healthy life, thinking this is the way he will get a silver lining. He does not take his pills because he says that they make him dizzy and they do not make him feel better at all. He thinks he can make it on his own, without being institutionalized, but it does not seem like he is in charge of everything, as we can observe in the scene where he throws the book “A Farewell to Arms” through the window, just because he was not able to cope with its tragic ending. He also goes crazy when hearing their wedding song “Ma Cherie Amour”, tossing furniture around.

In the Silver Linings Playbook movie, Bradley Cooper plays his part very well, detaching himself from the comic chatter we were used to in the “Hangover” movies and cleverly interprets his enthusiastic self-delusional character. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Tiffany, whom he meets while at a dinner with his friend Ronnie, played by John Ortiz and his wife Veronica, played by Julia Stiles. Tiffany is Veronica’s sister and is also an uncanny and complicated person, almost as him. Lawrence shows a new quality by playing this part, she moves fast and responds with sarcasm every time someone challenges or infuriates in some way. They get to know each other better and by helping each other, they succeed in finding their silver linings.

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