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Super is different from all other movies with the same theme, and I think this is its most important attribute. It is a comedy in general but sometimes gives you the impression of a rather gory movie in which blood is everywhere. Some might say it’s a black comedy, but humor comes from a funny situation for idiots who marvels and amuses at the same time. To see Super you really need to have an open mind and sometimes a strong stomach, because the film addresses important topics presented in quite a powerful graphical form.

Shut Up Crime!

The plot is simple, Frank (played by Rainn Wilson) is dumped by his wife, Sarah (played by Liv Tyler) to be with a known criminal underworld Jacques (played by Kevin Bacon), and important cocaine dealer. In his despair to bring her back and to get rid of her drug addiction, the protagonist takes the form of The Crimson Bolt, a superhero with no special powers, armed only with a French key. Like any hero that respect, this adventure will be accompanied by support, Libby / Boltie (played by Ellen Page).

The film is very graphic and sometimes religious and fetishistic tangents that induce a state of the whole production in quite psychotic.

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