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Based on the best-seller written by Kathryn Stockett’s in 2009, The Help is a movie released in 2011, written and directed by Tate Taylor, a friend of the writer of the novel with the same name. The Help is to some extent crude and clear, and creates a new series of experiences on the screen, bringing out powerful feelings in the heart of the public. Anyone’s opinion that this is a mediocre movie seems to fade away as the movie continues. The movie stars for the main roles Emma Stone as Eugenia Phelan “Skeeter”, Octavia Spencer as Minny Jackson and Viola Davis as Aibileen Clark.

The action of the movie The Help is set in Mississippi, in the 1960’s and focuses on the lives of a young white woman, or Skeeter and the relationship she develops with two black women who worked in the house of her family, Aibileen and her best friend, Minny. Skeeter returns to her family plantation after graduating the University of Mississippi. She wants to become a writer, and instead completely changes her friends’ lives and the whole town of Mississippi the moment she decides to interview the black women who were housemaids for the white people. During the Civil Rights era in the United States of America, the black people were treated very badly; even the servants who spent their whole lives living and taking care of the white prominent families in the South were not at all appreciated, for the most part.

Skeeter becomes more determined to write and infuriated after she hears about the “Home Help Sanitation Initiative”, an idea initiated by Hilly (the daughter of Mrs. Walters for whom Minny worked), which specified separate toilets for the black housekeepers (the help of the white people), as a consequence of the “fact” that black people could infect with different diseases white people. Skeeter decides to write a book on the relationships between the white people and their help, meaning the black people.

However, every black maid is reluctant and does not want to talk to her about the behavior of their bosses. The first housemaid in The Help who opens up and talks to Skeeter is her best friend’s housemaid, Aibileen. She lets Skeeter interview her in spite of her friends’ (the close black community) disappointment. Despite being judged by the other white women Skeeter continues to interview the black maids and thus an unexpected friendship develops between her and Aibileen, who continues to collaborate with her.

The creators of the movie The Help focus on promoting the black experience; the movies follows in a quite predictable manner (for those who have read The Help) the story and events narrated in the book.

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