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The story of a Polish cavalry officer captured by the Red Army, which manages to escape the Siberian gulag in 1941. Inspired by the novel “The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom,” of the Polish author Slawomir Rawicz, the drama “The Way Back” is the core of a group of prisoners of various nationalities in a Siberian gulag who manages to escape and to find their way to India. In 1940, tired of cold, hunger, persecution, lack of medical care and executions undeserved, Janusz,Tomasz, Voss, Valka and Smith decided to defy the Soviet authorities and to escape the labor camp.

Forced to cross on foot and wild uncharted territory and face the hardships of nature, ex-prisoners go through about 6,400 miles on their way to freedom, marching through Mongolia, China and Tibet, the Gobi desert and the Himalayas in order to reach India. In their dramatic journey, during which some of them lost their lives and others wander their faith and hope, Janusz, Tomasz, Valka, Smith and Voss meet a teenager Irena and take her under their patronizing wing to help her surviving.

Their journey in the unfavorable conditions did not symbolize anything but life and / or fight for freedom, and the message is “KEEP WALKING!

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