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For years now, more and more of us realized how important it is to find a great movie that is worth seeing. Since it happens once a month to do so, especially because of numerous reviews that contradict each other, it appears to be rather hard to find one film that will leave a mark on your memories. In this case, looking into one that can please both aspects is a must to get the outcome expected, in just a matter of seconds. These being said, make sure to stick with us and keep reading the following lines especially if you do not want to search for ages for a great zombie movie – ‘Warm bodies’ may be exactly what you crave for!

Since nowadays there have been heard talks about the Apocalypse coming over us, a zombie one is rather easy to imagine. Still, if you cannot picture one, ‘Warm bodies’ will get it to you immediately, right at the begging of the movie. It all starts after a zombie apocalypse crushes over Earth, when one zombie, on his name R, wanders around an airport. He is not the only one in this situation though, since now there are numerous of such fellows who are craving for human flash and brain. These kinds of zombies were the ones that besides feeding with the human material, they also steal their memories leaving them with nothing but a corpse that from now on turns into a zombie.

Like in any other movie that leaves a mark on the viewers’ memories, ‘Warm bodies’ reveals a b beautiful love story between the main characters, R and Julie, a beautiful girl who quickly turns into R’s crush. At this moment though, Julie has a boyfriend who unfortunately is being killed by R – in addition, while eating his brain R steals his memories concerning Julie and so his love increases and manages to make her fall in love with him. When she finds out about this moment, Julie decides to leave R and goes back home. At the same time, with his heart broken, R leaves on the other direction, but finally they get back together in a matter of moments.

Being one movie worth seeing, there’s no wonder whether ‘Warm bodies’ will leave a mark on your memories – it surely will, since such a beautiful love story in comparison with the life they live is a situation frequently found nowadays, but rather hard to be solved such as in movies. Either way, ‘Warm bodies’ will remain a beautiful zombie movie worth seeing at any age, with a lot of information to be stored and applied in real life – love is all that matters, regardless of anything.

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